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The Cruise Business


Why Become an Independent Travel Agent?

Selling travel and specifically cruises, requires not only passion but an inherent desire to bring destinations to life. That carries with it a huge responsibility not only to your clients but to the industry as well. Cruises Inc. takes great pride in training our agents and offering them full support in every aspect of managing a home based business, affording them the opportunity to concentrate on servicing the client and providing a personalized, remarkable experience.

Cruise Industry Overview

The cruise industry is the most exciting vacation category in the United States and Canada. Its average rate of growth has been far greater than any other category in the Travel Industry. Currently, cruising is a $23 Billion industry, still with even more possibilities in the future.
For greater understanding of the actual size of the market, according to CLIA (Cruise Line International Association), a Cruise Industry Study indicates that 97 percent of the cruise market meets the following criteria, which were used to screen respondents for the current study.